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Richard Forrest

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The watercolors of Northern Michigan artist Richard Forrest have many facets: the variation of color in each rock, the texture of each leaf, the delicate feathers of birds, and the light moving over and shadowing an object. All attest to his wonder and marvel at creation. He captures his surroundings in vivid realism, which creates enduring memories of our great outdoors.

Forrest, a Muskegon native who moved to Leelanau County more than two decades ago for the fly-fishing, found inspiration in the freedom and charm of the north. While he used to paint a lot of birds and fish in his free time, he has slowed things down a bit. Now he focuses primarily on the many landscapes that catch his eye.

“I’m drawn to textures, lights, shadows, colors. Anything from leaves to waterfalls. I find beauty in all of it,” he said.

He has a BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design and worked in graphic design for several years after graduation. During those years, even though it was satisfying work, he was still longing to paint, which he took up full-time after moving to Traverse City. "After all these years of painting my surroundings … I am still inspired."

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