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  • Margaret White's "Gypsy Moon" is an oil-pastel painting with a custom, hand-painted vintage frame.
  • "Gypsy Moon" by Margaret White sells for $1,900.

Gypsy Moon by Margaret White


Artwork Description

Margaret White's "Gypsy Moon" is an oil-pastel painting in a hand-painted vintage frame. The frames are one of Margaret White's signatures; they're chosen and painted to tie in with the central image and are an important part of the work.

"Gypsy Moon" sells for $1,900 and includes free shipping.

Margaret White's subject matter often includes the human figure and face, along with birds, animals, plants and jewelry. Margaret White is married to fellow Fine Art Mart artist William White.

Margaret White attended the Detroit Public Schools in the 1950s and early '60s, when, she says, the arts were an important part of education and talent was cultivated through extra classes. She was nominated to attend Cass Technical High School, where she majored in art. She earned her BFA and MA from Michigan State University and did coursework at Wayne State University in printmaking.

Margaret White often uses oil pastel, her preferred media, and also uses techniques including shaving and incising to enhance details and textures.

She says there aren't any "messages" or "deep hidding meanings" in her work. "I paint what I love and what makes me happy," she says.

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