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About Us

Art brings enjoyment. Art brings beauty.

The Fine Art Mart features original art by hand-picked, talented artists. We represent a wide range of tastes, an eclectic mix of styles and a variety of media, but they all have something in common. They're good. We value original artwork, fine art, paintings and creativity and we do our best to bring you the best.

We know you'll enjoy browsing our offerings — we had a lot of fun pulling them together. Even if you've never bought art before, you'll find our site easy to navigate, with helpful explanations along the way.


We can't stress enough how proud we are of the artists represented here, and how valuable original art is. You get the enjoyment of seeing it every day, of course, and it adds to your decor.

We are affiliated with Twisted Fish Gallery, located in idyllic Elk Rapids, Michigan, so many of the artists represented here are from the Great Lakes region.

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