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Contemplative by Margaret White


Artwork Description

"Contemplative" by Margaret White is an oil-pastel painting that shows White's talent with frames as well. It's 21.5 inches wide by 27.75 inches high. It sells for $2,900.

One of White's signature techniques is her use of vintage frames. She hand-paints them, often picking up a motif from the artwork, as she's done here. The frames become an important part of the art, instead of being a neutral surround.

Margaret White's subject matter often includes the human figure and face but she's also fond of flowers, vegetables, jewelry, insects and birds. She loves to paint with oil pastels and also uses incising and shaving with a knife to get the details and textures she's known for.

Margaret White grew up in Detroit during a time when the school system embraced arts education. She attended many after-school and weekend classes and workshops through the Detroit Public Schools, and was eventually recommended for Cass Technical High School, where she majored in art. She graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor's in Fine Arts and earned her master's there as well. She also studied printmaking at Wayne State University.

White taught high school drawing for 30 years in Southfield, Michigan. She and her husband, William White, also a Fine Art Mart artist, have a retirement home on Torch Lake.

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