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The Race


Artwork Description

Antonio Macioce's fascination with sailboats is represented in "The Race" and "#2 Sailing." "The Race" is acrylic, 4 feet wide by 3 feet high (123 cm by 92 cm) and sells for $2,600.

Macioce grew up in Italy, moved to the United States and studied advertising design at the University of Notre Dame. He worked for an agency near Detroit, with clients ranging from the power company to Chrysler.

Macioce doesn't see himself as painting in a certain style. “I really don’t have a style; people tell me I do,” he tells MLive. “I guess I feel that I am still searching. I don’t really want to have a style. It’s the mood I’m in when I paint. Sometimes I have an idea when I start painting and sometimes the painting ends up somewhere else.”

Macioce finds inspiration in everyday life — driving around, watching TV and hanging out with his grandsons. He paints from his head and doesn’t use photographs.

Fine Art Mart offers free shipping on "The Race" as well as a seven-day money-back guarantee.

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